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Dance Based Music! Hip Hop Dance is a Dance Based Music! Which is the dance form of the socially performed dance and choreography style? It is also part of culture. The type of dance is like breaking dance login and popping. It was developed in the United States in the 1970s. This Dance Freestyle looks like this, due to which many freestyle dancers and hip-hop dancers give a similar performance, due to which you may have seen it in many styles. When hip-hop dancers participate in the freestyle dance competition Then an open space is arranged for them. And at that time, the open space becomes something different through the hip-hop dance. Free styling battles and cypresses come under this dance.

hip hop dance

30 years old

This dance is more than 30 years old. But it was discovered when Peshawar formed the locking popping and breaking dance group in 1970. As we know, the dance music people love the same way today’s generation people like dancers and lots of dance in them. Due to the likelihood of dance, it has become a fad of people to do this dance, for which many dance studios were opened and the name changed to dance funk. This dance style was developed by unprofessional dancers Those dancers who wanted to do dance choreography for dance music.


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